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Leading review and ranking companies globally have recognized Blitz Design as an industry-leader when it comes to all-inclusive digital-design and development solutions. We are one of the pioneers of Custom Website Designing and Developing Agency in the US. Our team of professionals get a hundred percent fulfilling results on your business and are admired all across the globe.

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We help businesses transform into brands seamlessly. Our designers, creative-artists, innovation experts, and professionals enable your businesses to be “digitally powerful.”


Northern Cafe Racers

A logo is a crucial element when it comes to creating an identity for any company. Distinctive shapes and meaningful images are two magic ingredients involved in logo making. When it comes to designing a logo, a designer has to go through multiple stages before creating the final logo. One of our customers wanted to reinvent their logo. They wanted more visual elements that could represent the mascot of their company. Their company – Northern Cafe Racers– depicts a motorcycle; hence, its original mascot is also a motorcycle. The customer wanted their mascot to be incorporated into the logo to improve consistency in their branding. Our entire focus was on making a logo with the perfect blend of modern and traditional designs.



Equita is about providing people with high-quality, affordable Equita products. They are also focused on providing education about Equita and cargo solutions. To create their website, our team had a set of focused objectives; such as launching a website with a clear and engaging brand story, easy to use user interface, driving customer conversions through focused content strategy, search engine optimized content, and a responsive solution by WordPress CMD. We create a strong E-commerce website with WooCommerce integration, VAX tax setup, and shipping calculation.

Food Lite

A food recipe finder and printing app – Food Lite is a new application designed for users to search new recipes and print food images they see on different apps, such as Instagram. This application also allows users to print food pictures on metals, coasters, or woods from their mobile gallery, Facebook, or Instagram. A picture printing application has numerous beneficial features, such as payment gateway integration, size selection, photo editor, product descriptions, etc. Moreover, our designer team also incorporated a new feature that allows deleting the images and choosing the preferred size for printing. Likewise, people who use it can browse new recipes as well.

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Project Vision

We start off by going through a client review for their vision of logo or website design.

Release plan

Secondly, a high level timetable is set to complete the project along with sprint planning.

Daily Standups

Here, we make sure no roadblocks are getting in the way of completing your goals on time.

Sprint Review

The key here is to check your initial plan to make sure that all requirements were met.

Product Delivery

Finally, the product complementing the customer requirements is delivered.

Why Choose Blitz Design?

Well, we don’t want to boast, but we do have a decade-plus experience in
the design and development industry.


Original Designs.

We at Blitz Design deliver unique, personalized, and innovative designs for all your digital representations.


Expert Developers

We have award-winning designers, content creators, and a team of digital-solution experts at our disposal.


Unlimited Revisions.

We make sure that you, as our client, get unlimited revisions to achieve custom-digital solutions that help your brand click.


Engaging Designs and Functional Interfaces.

We excel at delivering responsive, functional, and precision-based interfaces and striking websites that are infused with intuitiveness.


Guaranteed Satisfaction at all steps.

100% satisfaction and dedicated digital solutions that help you excel. We deliver 24/7 designing and development consultancy solutions for all.


SEO-Friendly Approach.

SEO is the basis of our every digital-solution, and we help you master everything from designs to content and enable your brand to be at the forefront of the digital world.

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Why Businesses and Brands trust us?

« Their creative, interactive, and functional designing and development solutions, combined with their customer-centric approach, helped our business in many ways. The most important thing they helped us achieve was an increase in overall visitors and their amenability to take certain profitable decisions. We recommend Blitz Design for any business looking for amazing digital business partners and not just mere transactional service providers. »

Richard Jared.

PMO Orange Labs

« We rely on Blitz Design for their digital-marketing expertise ranging across a multitude of industries. We were astonished by the services delivered, particularly in the areas of SEO, SMM, and brand-management. Their team is experienced, responsive, and always there to assist. We are confident that we are getting the best advice and the best digital-solutions to make our business break the clutter. »

Ricarda Olsen.

PetitBus Co-founder at ENGIE

« Online competition is increasing daily and on a large scale. As a partnership, we had to struggle a lot with our startup, but because of the unavailability of the time, our reputation across the industry was not as that was initially expected. To counter this, we hired the guys from the Blitz Design, and thanks to them, our brand is now well-known in all areas we serve. »

Noah Fischer.

Project Owner, ThoughtSpot

« We recently had a thought to grow our small business using online presence and paid marketing solutions. The competition in the local market was tough, and with no knowledge of web designing and the modern-day digital shebang, we had nowhere to go. Thanks to Blitz Design, we overcame this obstacle, and our partnered business website went live within a week with increased traffic and a high response rate. »

Neville & Hannah

Co-founder, Xola

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