In order to involve users effectively, brands must organically build interactions that interests users the most. Blitz enables brands utilize owned, earned and paid media to attract people, evolve themselves and create influential user bases.

Our services.


The comprehensive social media strategies devised at Blitz, puts together owned, earned and paid media driving all-rounder marketing success. Launch strategies with targeted outreach ensure that all social efforts directly uplift the marketing objectives and business goals at hand.


Blitz applies social-centric marketing campaigns, where online moments are widely shared with the targeted audience. Tactics used more heavily are viral videos, events and user-generated content on the whole.

Community management.

Blitz develops brands’ community presence across all the popular social media platforms, from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Snapchat.

Influencer engagement.

Building brand supporters through associations with bloggers and other online influencers remarkably enables brands in creating more authentic connections with their audience. Blitz hits your brand off all too well with such influencers to achieve the sole purpose of authentically and widely influence readers to consider or even choose your brand over others.

Crisis response.

We closely assist brands to recognize issues that may possibly come into play and likewise devise a contingency plan beforehand. In case of a crisis occurrence, our team conducts in-depth real-time monitoring so the brand accurately and promptly responds on their relevant social platforms.


Data analysts at Blitz comprehensively tracks down the progress of our brands’ social performance in order to quantify our measures to build your online communities. Clients receive comprehensive analytics reports that tie social success back to business goals, marketing objectives and KPIs.

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