Each step taken by our team is a mirror reflection of your brand story and your marketing goals. At Blitz, we combine the traditional research benchmarks with all-new tools to bring forth some solid strategy, design and technology decisions.

Our services.

Qualitative research.

Our researchers deploy varied qualitative research methods to get to the nitty gritty of your brand’s needs and aspirations. We make use of focus groups and a number of other online practices. Private and public user groups let wide-ranging user feedback and iterative concept testing. Mobile lets us to carry forward primary research in the light of real lives, with spur-of-the-moment question-and-answer sessions.

Quantitative research.

Our researchers deploy online and phone-based surveys to collect quantitative data in relevance to user opinion and attitudes. This information is derived to draw out market segmentation and to collect some more insights into the perception.

Usability testing.

Our team ensures that your brand is known for products and services that cater to real user needs. Usability testing that consists of listening labs and iterative testing, is crucial for the creation of experiences that hold value. We trust user feedback to support our findings and for them to be used in reinventing industries and making people’s lives better.

Market segmentation.

Running requirements-centric segmenting is an influential way to understand users as it tends to highlight groups with unique sets of unmet, and often unspoken, needs. We use segmentation to create an infrastructure to reach specific groups of consumers, continually evaluate performance and help clients optimize user value.

User personas and scenarios.

Our researchers cultivate user personas and scenarios, which generate an attitude and requirements-centric structure for different users. Personas establish a key input in the design process.

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