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Campaigns & Digital Advertising

Blitz utilizes advanced technology, analytics, consumer targeting, and persistent iteration at their very peak making each buck of your paid media go farther and your brand be prominently noticeable in the new connected age of marketing.

Display Advertising & Remarketing

Blitz runs for your brand a form of advertising that appears online alongside selected content on a website or search engine (paid advertising), generally referred to as a banner. The branded message/banner can be static, interactive or a video animation.

Search Engine Marketing

Our team of SEO experts deploy foolproof methods such as pay-per-click and ad-words for the optimization of your website and substantially increase its search rankings & visibility.

Paid Search Marketing & Ppc

Blitz effectively launches a paid search campaign that instills broad awareness among your targeted audience, converting mere searchers into customers. Using advanced technology, analytics, consumer targeting, and determined iteration, Blitz makes every buck invested in your PPC give you results, calling your potential customers onto action.

Website Promotions

Blitz extends to you its exclusive limited time offer where you get to enjoy the display of a specific promotional offer of yours on not just your own online platforms as a stand-alone banner, rich media or micro-site but also across affiliate websites for more reachability!

Social Media Campaigns

Blitz engages and encourages your targeted online community to participate and share your messages. We thoughtfully generate content for your social networks. The practice directly increases your website traffic, simultaneously multiplying your online database of followers.

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