An animated explainer video is an excellent marketing tool increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your product & services, and boosting your sales, among numerous other benefits. And Blitz holds superior level of expertise in this area of video creation!

Our services.

Whiteboard Animation

Blitz works with its customers to design a creative story and a story board to give life to your ideas.

2D Animation

An old-school animation method straight from the 1800s. It works like a flip-book, but a really fast one! Experts at Blitz Design use different methods to develop all kinds of 2D Animations for you.

Typography Animation

Also known as Kinetic Typography, our experienced animators will design both motion and fluid typography animations depending on your requirements.

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics animation creates the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Screen-Cast Animation

A screencast captures actions taking place on a computer screen. It is useful for demonstrating as to how to use specific operating systems, software applications or website features.

Cutout Animation

Cutout animation is a technique for producing stop-motion animations by using backgrounds, flat characters and props cut from materials such as card, paper or hard fabric, sometimes photographs.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoon animations are literally films made through a sequence of drawings, each slightly different so when played from a projector the figures look like they’re moving.

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